Rency | Bartoň a Partner

The visual style

The visual style is a very important part of the company's image. A good visual style exemplifies the company's brand, stimulates new customers and raises interest.

We picked a clean and simple graphics, combination of blue and white colour, and created a graphic design of pictographs for each of the activities the company carries out. Whereas the number of activities is 12, the set of pictographs unified the entire visual identity as well as the method of company's promotion. We also carried out a facelift of the logo that immediately became more attractive, and, mainly, more legible.
A pictograph of good quality saves lines and words. You will get it immediately.
It is important to transform a good idea into a good realization. After having all 11 symbols of particular activities approved, the creation of pictographs and the professional photo session with interaction with people - managers and employees - took place, together with separate composition of each particular pictograph. Each pictograph has a series of pictures for a "family album" so that we can use them as an image background for the description of activities. Everything is well described and defined in the manual (crossovers, sizes, colours, etc.) so that the entire series forms an unified image of the company.


The cards of individual activities also form an important
part of promotion. By creating a division into
individual cards we save the client's
time and production costs.


In order to achieve a first-class
impression we created folders for individual
cards that keep all together and also contain
the client's contact information.

Folder and product sheets

We designed the folder in the uniform visual style of company Bartoň a Partner. The choice of pictograph - the company logo - was clear. In combination with a woman's hands holding the logo the result was very pleasant.

The product sheets in the uniform style are double-sided and provide many information necessary for the clients. The front side identifies the activity visually, while the back side describes it in detail and adds contacts and references for the given activity. The pictures were selected in cooperation with the client. The back side also shows the picture of pictographs, now in interaction with people.

Roll-ups and foil coating of vehicles

Roll-ups present a simple and effective method of presentation, if the goal is to achieve interest of many people within limited space (events, trade fairs, sponsoring, etc.). If it is of no use at any certain moment, it can serve as a brilliant advertising space next to the office entry as well. The roll-up is closely connected to the overall visual style so that it could smoothly fit in. We applied pictographs, logo and shortened versions of texts with the most important information.
Not using a large company fleet for one's own presentation would be almost a sin. The vehicles constantly cruise around the whole country and help to raise awareness of the brand and its services. Also here are presented the characteristic pictographs and a bright blue colour that no one can fail to notice. They raise affection and curiosity. A light, playful design used for commercial cars perfectly brightens the appearance and perception of these company vehicles.

Shooting and

Many people often try to save on the photographs, however, they significantly affect the final result. Both technical perfection (for enlarging and editing possibilities) and overall perception - composition, light, atmosphere etc. are equally important. We had two shooting sessions, during which we tuned the light and used the blue background in several schemes - pictographs on their won, in composition with people and with properties.

After the final selection that is composed of approximately 3-4 % of all taken pictures each picture is adjusted and unified with the other during the post-production. This gave rise to a large set of backgrounds pictures that are further used in promotion materials, advertising and marketing.


In order to unify the entire visual style we designed and launched the website that is built on our ReWork redaction system.
The basic step is the creation of wireframes, i.e. the content structure of the entire website. After clarifying individual elements we come to design, again in the spirit of complete CID. The emphasis is put mainly on clearness and usability of control elements. A special Intranet section is created for the clients that became user-friendly and suitable for daily visits. The entire on-line space is supplemented by a specialized microsite