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Mini Case Study


The future belongs to online shops. This project enters the unexplored waters of online car purchasing and that is a challenge for us which cannot be refused.

The Carpick project is unique especially due to its system of online sales of new and second-hand cars within the European market. We prepared for the clients a comprehensive visual identity linked with a partner project, Rentpick (focused on international car rental), and a design for an online platform interconnected with other systems operated by the clients.

Once we had set the project identity, we started to prepare dynamic wireframes of the portal and its content. Based on this, we designed a graphical representation of the portal, including the appearance of transaction emails, login screens, responsivity, etc.

The order also included preparation of author’s illustrations that are supposed to complement the austere style with a pleasant element.

What did the order consist of?

— logotype of the project
— creation of a logo manual
— uniform visual style
— design manual

— prototype of the portal
— graphic design of the portal
— design of transaction emails
— system architecture

— copywriting
— illustrations
— iconography

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