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An exclusive restaurant and the most modern bowling centre in the Czech Republic. Whereas the Bowland brand has its history of several years, the investors decided to maintain it. Our task was to invent a name for the restaurant that would fully correspond to its Mediterranean spirit and atmosphere. Lobster and Bowland share a common space of more than 2,400 m2, the individual logos and the visual style are therefore firmly and closely interconnected. The graphic identity is furthermore linked with marketing strategy, production particulars and the production itself. The result is a comprehensive product created with regard to particular needs of the contracting party.


When creating a logotype the maximum effort and concentration are of utmost importance - so that the contracting party, designer and end user are all satisfied. We devoted all our efforts to its development, as it is the most crucial stage that determines the way of the entire concept. The logo matters much more than people usually think.


100% result

1/ Idea

When Lobster, then
a real one. The basic
idea is a visual conception
of a lobster that is
a symbol of the restaurant.

2/ Sketch

After the main idea design the sketch stage takes place.
That it does not correspond to the result? Well, that is only the first sketch.:)

3/ Vectorization

After the final drawn sketches the vectorization
stage takes place. This means to clean the shape
in order to achieve a maximum simplicity and neatness.

4/ Colours

Distinctive, fresh, modern, bright yellow.
It is perfectly suitable for the interior
materials and complements the metal interior artefacts.

Design manual

,,To have, or not to have?
  That is the question...”
1/ Why?
The manual takes a lot of effort, time and money, but the investment into it will quickly return in future savings. It also increases the company's efficiency.
2/ How?
The manual is based on the logotype. The manual describes it, shows how to work with it, considers many variants of its future use, any ensure an uniform identity.
3/ What?
It contains the description of the logo, colours, fonts, rules, mercantile items, information systems, visual presentation, advertising items, etc.
4/ When?
The creation of the manual is a matter of several weeks of cooperation with the contracting party. The company that takes its own presentation seriously should definitely have it and continuously complement it.

Realization (
offline world

Even when the on-line world increasingly occupies more and more
terabytes of data, it is still necessary to carry out some production.
The important part of the presentation itself is its entry section,
so called shopfront. It is necessary to choose materials,
technologies as well as visual identity with a great care.
The individual steps of preparation are shown
on the pictures below.

1/ Surveying

Inspecting the premises
with the contracting party
tremendously worth it.

2/ Assembly

Even if we cooperate with
true professionals in the field,
it is better to keep an
eye on the installation.

3/ Finalization

inspection after completion,
fine-tuning of details, this
is the third visit of
the scene of the action

4/ Foil application

in this case it was necessary
to finish the atmosphere
by a proprietary photo wallpaper 
What are the other things we realized for
Take a look.
Picture report
samples of realizations
Even if every application is unique, thanks to a careful planning of particular links they all have a compact and integral look. The customer then comes to a contact with various elements that will always have a compact effect and that increase their memory value and relation to the brand. This system of a comprehensive identity is frequently used mainly by global brands for its effectiveness. However, with a long-term and continuous work the same effect can be achieved on a local market as well.

Back to pixels...

The variant that we would not create any website for a new business was never on the table. Today, it is an absolute matter of course. What we understand as an add-on is the connection of the basic core of the system for individual subjects so that they are original and independently editable while saving tens of percent of entry costs.

1/ Web design

In the spirit of CID we prepare a website that will accommodate to your equipment. The emphasis is put in particular on pictures and elegance.
visit website >>>

2/ Mobile version

Deletions and transparency, that are the main features of the mobile version. We do not display everything here  but we optimize the pages so that 97% of mobile visitors immediately receive the requested information. The remaining 3% can move to the classic version.

3/ Facebook

The management of Facebook pages belongs to a frequently used complementary services. What's new, what and when is happening, or just a "thank you" to the fans, we can procure all that in cooperation with the client. The client decides what the pages will state, our business is to choose the most effective form. Other supportive advertising and marketing events with the aim to get the highest possible number of fans and their transformation into real clients are ensured as needed - all that custom-made for the given client.
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And what does Bowland say?

Bowland is the most modern bowling centre in the Czech Republic and forms part of the whole complex together with the Lobster restaurant. So that an absolute symbiosis of both brands can be achieved, Bowland adjusted its original look but maintained the clear message - I am here for bowling.

1/ Idea

How to transform a lobster into a skittle? It is easy if
you know how to do it. The advantage of this solution
is not only the simplicity but mainly the compactness
of both brands and their symbiosis in terms of shape.

2/ Colours

We maintained the colours
from the redesigned logotype
as a reference to the
tradition and original conception .

3/ Summary

We realized materials for Bowland in a similar extent as for Lobster. However, in order to not repeat ourselves, we mention only some fragments here. Each creative artist would like to create a logo or a website, however, following everything through to such details as table cards or menus, in combination with production, clearly set and advantageous price policy, comprehensive marketing and personal approach, that is our job. Within the framework of presentation of brands Lobster & Bowland we strive to provide a maximum full service and to unite all individual subcontractors under our administration so that we can save the client from unnecessary worries and have the budget under control. A stable growth of the client is important for both his and our development.