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Our Focus

We are strategists, designers and developers who seek and set the paths for established companies in the digital era.

From the beginning, we have distinguished ourselves as a full-service advertising agency. We wanted to control the entire area of the client’s corporate identity, web development and marketing. The more we deepened our experience in individual fields and acquired more experience, the more we found out that it is not possible to carry out such a variety of activities while maintaining the quality we want to provide. Therefore, we began to gradually remove activities and to specialise more.

At present, we focus especially on creating a visual identity (under which you will find everything, starting with creating a logo, visual style and setting the basic communication tone) which we process, placing great emphasis on details and distinguishing ourselves from the competition in the field. We generally call this area Brand Transformation. We have already implemented dozens of identities (e.g.: Olympus, Rentpick, Raxi, Škola Populo, and others). Our advantage is the prior interdisciplinary experience we have, which gives us a more open view of the connections related directly and indirectly to creating an identity.

Brand Transformation


The aim of creating a new logo and a new visual identity is to enable the company to succeed in the digital era. At the beginning of any work is detailed knowledge of the client, its competition and the environment in which the client’s company operates. This ensures that the client differs from the direct competition with a brand that is comprehensive and unique. Visual identity also includes knowledge of which ways the company communicates with the general public and clients. Accordingly, it creates individual promotion materials.

Basic phases of the process


Although each project is different, we always stick to a basic scheme which ensures rapid progress and a quality outcome of the work done.

For who is brand transformation best suited?

Especially for those of you who have the possibility to influence the entire concept of a brand on the market and therefore it is not an adaptation of an international brand. If you have been operating on the market for a longer time and have already proven that your products or services are desired, and if you want to refresh your brand to adapt it to current developments, then it is a suitable time to transform the brand.

The second option is when you have already implemented more projects and you are about to prepare a new one and from the beginning you give the brand dignity and quality.