Rency | Our History

Our History

We are constantly developing, changing and seeking the right path to creating wonderful digital solutions. To get to know our agency, look at what we have gone through so far.

We were looking for an opportunity in which to apply global trends in development, design, marketing and advertising work in general. A place where people who want to create not only for money but also due to a simple enthusiasm for the field can meet. In order to be able to use this space, for which we had very high expectations, we had to create it. And so the Rency agency was established on April 1, 2013.

Fotografie z kanceláří na Dolním náměstí v Olomouci

The first projects were established in a room of a family flat, from which the four-member team moved to its own offices in Dolní námestí in Olomouc after almost a year of operation. Here, we worked for over two years and depending on the size of the projects the team gradually expanded up to 12 fully employed colleagues. At the end of 2016, a part of the team left for the PSA Trading client in order to continue in the development of long-term projects in the automotive area, on which we worked for over six months.

What is Vault 42?


We have been preparing for almost a year to open Vault 42 – a space which is based on the principles of co-working and which should be used by our team along with another 20 people in the field (so-called “Smart Creatives”). Unlike ordinary co-working, our selection of colleagues is conditioned by practise and experience. Therefore, we can draw mutual inspiration while working with similarly-minded people in the premises, which will eventually be appreciated especially by our clients.

Visualisation from the prepared project Vault 42 / Proposal: Studio Raketoplán

What await us?

In 2017, we would like to work on the selection of skilled colleagues for the Vault 42 creative centre and to extend its scope especially to Brno and Prague. The Vault 42 centre itself serves as a pilot concept which we would also like to implement in other cities in CR and Europe. If you are interested in this possibility, contact us at

With the help of our new colleagues, we want to address more demanding solutions in the area of web development and brand transformation.