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To have a good logo it´s just not enough

logotype & design manual

There is no logo like a logo

If the client already has a well-established trademark that meets the requirements and the way of communication, we´d like to incorporate it into the whole process and we´ll use its good reputation. This is also the case of logotype RAXI.

Not a comma without the design manual.

Although the logotype was only supplemented with the main claim it wasn´t used systematically and according to the rules. Therefore we have finished the complete design manual of visual style that defines the colourfulness, used font and also the materials for the business cards print, the variants of the logotype and the needed applications.

„The feeling when you have photos to measure.“

Taking photographs and postproduction

A visually attractive product is a good promise of the high-quality result. But this requires a lot of production work, the storyboards´ preparation, the great photographer and the client that will appreciate it. However the result is the author photos that represent the product exactly according to the requirements and that have the unique atmosphere. And this is worth the work.

On the network, that means the world“

web design and facebook management

We will repeat ourselves but without the web and online networks no product or service can make do nowadays. To not only create the ordinary solution we have designed the unique user´s interference which likewise the wine cellars has several layers and levels. On the social network we raise awareness about the trademark; we add information and attract customers´ attention via specific targeting.

sliding submenu

main menu

pictograms of cellar´s parameters

key for the switch
into the cellar´s gallery

photography in heading

We abide by the own processes

We have set the method for the web sites production and we abide by it strictly. Even if the wireframes creation may seem to be useless, the opposite is true. Thanks to them we can tune up in advance not only the function, but also the total content and the distribution. The clients orientate themselves in the wireframes well and the costs for the needless redesign of the graphics don´t grow in a geometric series.

Own contractor

Even if we supply the complex products, sometimes the client has his/her own contractor and he/she is happy with this. There´s no reason to change it, we are able to strike a deal with every professional. It´s been the same with the RAXI´s websites. We have supplied the wireframes, the content, the design; we have described the function and made the “clerk of works”. Web programming was provided by the company Igens.

We take care about your social networks.

facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn belong to the basic family that the customer should take care about to let grow the awareness about his/her trademark and to make a good impression. We take care for Raxi on Facebook and LinkedIn. We will join the others presently.

Emotions, experiences and advertising

If you want so called Hardsell, don´t turn to the social networks. On these, it is good to show your customers tempting photographs, daily stories and experiences, everything closely tied to the product. We gain confidence of your fans and in return for it we offer them the high-quality and relevant content that they like to read.

Copywriting isn´t a charge

We create gripping articles, we attract attention with every word and we add relevant information to it. The result is formally right but also for the fans interesting and even entertaining article.

Catalogue, that you want to touch“

concept and design of the catalogue

print, blindblocking and partial varnish

cut – diameter 25mm

tracing paper

easy opening

binding V1

Not to settle for the classic or The journey to the format R4

We were looking for the optimal format so long that we have created our own format series. The format A4 isn´t suitable for the business catalogue, although it still holds more than 80% of the total production. Ergonomically the most advantageous format for this catalogue is R4. It meets the user´s comfort with the maximal sheet utilization because of the price costs. Perfect.

Premium product...

Everyone invests in advanced online technologies nowadays but they also forget that the world is still tangible. Therefore we have added the advanced surface adjustment as the blindblocking, metallic lamination, matt laminating, partial varnish and the tracing paper and we have connected it all to the whole that does not end in the bin.


The human has learnt how to read and write but the picture still helps to orientate quickly. Therefore the creation of the author´s pictograms related in the complete compact series belongs to this as well.

Info graphics

Also thanks to the info graphics you can orientate in time and process a little bit quicker. It is well arranged, not expensive and it boosts the catalogue with something new.

Partial products – 3D modelling

Although our capacities enable to create 3D visualization the client can supply his/her own. Then we perfectly retouch them, we improve lights, add masks and file them into the catalogue, as if they were there from everlasting.

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