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Team cooperation

The experts from different fields cooperated on this project - from archaeologists, historians, architects, our specialist from the field of web graphics, 3D graphics and coders, up to photographers and the group of historical fencing focused on the Roman Empire in the 1st - 2ns century - Roma Victor.

We formed a team that set out its goal to create a comprehensive website dealing with this topic and deepening the knowledge of general public about other contexts related to the Roman camps - therefore the tabs such as Camps, Archaeological discoveries, Myths and legends or the Story of a legionary were created. One of the dominants are also the 3D visualization of the camp - an ideal replica of the Roman camp in Olomouc or the Interactive map of Olomouc with expertly described discoveries.

Gathering data

So that the website contains everything important about the Roman camps and the stay of Romans in Olomouc in which the visitor could be interested, it was necessary to study the expert information and to gather all available materials (in particular for a faithful imitation of the camp for its visualization).

Who participated in the project? Mainly archaeologists from the Centre of Archaeology in Olomouc who found this camp but also the representatives from the group Roma Victor with whom we took pictures of the legionary equipment. The website contains a large number of links to other websites expertly dedicated to other camps, discoveries and objects of interest for experts and fans of archaeology.

We have to thank to the contracting party - Municipal Council of the town of Olomouc - for organization and fast approval process, especially to the deputy RNDr. Janu Holpuchovi, Ph.D.
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Web wireframe

The wireframe is an essential part of every larger project. It saves a lot of time and energy and helps the client to orientate himself within the project. The wireframe serves as a model of the originating website with absence of its graphical appearance and determines the functionalities and layout of the website. A 3D visualization that shows the visitor the most in terms of images and contents was created as a central theme of the website.

We selected a simple, well-arranged system of items and scrolling of sub-items. On the left side you can always find a shortened version of particular topics from which you can learn the most important information; in the respective subsections you can then learn the expert information.

3D visualization

Whereas it was necessary to visualize a camp that does not exist any more for more than 2 thousand years, it was necessary to thoroughly assemble the mosaic from available resources. The archaeologists together with our graphic designers tackled this uneasy task. The result of their work can be seen on the website. First of all a simple model was created using several polygons for each object, later on we added details, textures, lights, and finally the Romans photographed in a studio.

Veni, vidi, vici

Michal Kotek - 3D grafik

Shooting and post-production

In the studio of Lukáš Navara we took a series of pictures with the group Roma Victor documenting the equipment of a legionary and a centurion, battle formations and other period positions. The pictures on the website are accompanied by the expert descriptions of the equipment.

Ave, On-line

The website is accompanied by a large number of pictures and illustrations related to the particular expert commentaries. For those who are interested only in the most important information from each tab there is the left side of the website that also refers to other related topics. For easy editing of both language versions there is our redaction system ReWork.

Visit the website >>>

Interactive map

Another interesting functionality is the interactive map of the town of Olomouc on which we can find historical discoveries at particular places, furthermore expertly described and with respective images attached. The visitor can easily find out where exactly these discoveries took place.

Press conference

The part of the press conference was also the unveiling of a "milestone" in Neředín and a bus stop, and the presentation of the website. Whereas the website could not be presented digitally outdoors, the journalists were provided with prepared materials describing the creation and contents of the website. Everyone was also given a topical badge from our production. The uniqueness of the entire project is substantiated by reports in all important journals in the region.