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Populo School

Tailored tutoring – that is the claim of the school which has set the goal to help people on the path to better education, especially better marks and a lower number of beatings.

Mr Rakušan, the school principal and founder, turned to us with a clear task – to create the visual identity of a new school with branches in Olomouc and Brno. Immediately after searching for direct and indirect competition and creating person we started clarifying the basic building elements of each identity – fonts and colours.

This was important so that the resulting visual identity can address a relatively wide range of people. In other words, to be sufficiently attractive both for children and older students and eventually for their parents and grandparents.

Pictograms are one of the most distinct elements of the entire identity. We always draw them ourselves. Sure, they can easily be downloaded from the internet, however, that is not the best way. In addition to creating a visual identity we helped the Populo school to set up their marketing strategies and to start communicating on Facebook and Instagram.

What did the order consist of?

— creation of a logo
— creation of a logo manual
— uniform visual style

— design manual
— websites
— copywriting

— marketing consulting
— advertising campaigns
— PR

The Populo school aims to support the education of its clients from elementary schools to universities on a long-term basis. Because of its individual approach to pupils, it has become a popular and sought-after alternative to traditional lecturers in the course of just a few months. In addition to tutoring at its branches in the centre of Olomouc and Brno, it also offers on-line tutoring.

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