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Vault 42

Vault 42 is a co-working centre that we have built. Where? In Olomouc. In a 200-year-old army bakery

Working on one’s own projects is the most beautiful but at the same time the most difficult work. Being a critic and client in one is not easy. In this case study we are going to show you how we coped with the visual identity of our large project.

An untraditional project requires an untraditional solution. Therefore, we decided not to create a classical logo, i.e., a combination of symbol and text, but to try a slightly different approach. We created two distinct elements – a symbol from a stylised letter V and the Vault 42 logotype. The entire visual identity is based on typography, in particular, on Gothic typography.

When you have clients in different places around the world, you frequently deal with different time zones. Therefore, also the Sun and the Moon appear in the manual.

We have created a page called “Are you a Vaulter?” so you can quickly test whether it is the right thing for you. It is a series of seven simple questions supplemented by illustrations. The total number of illustrations for this website alone has risen to 52!

Try it yourself; the test will take no more than two minutes.

Radek Holík

Working CEO

Working on one’s own brand always involves great indecisiveness and self-critical thinking. We tried to prepare the brand so that its content is sufficiently supportive and usable for other centres as well as to enable us to project the uniqueness of our objects directly in the name. Adam then created a visually strong brand which I hope we will use for a long time.

The Vault is a creatively-technological centre built on the principles of co-working, intended for “Smart Creatives", i.e., professionals from areas such as design, creativity, marketing, development, etc. Vault 42 is a pilot centre built in Olomouc which takes in 32 people interlinked within the field and will serve to put on different lectures and workshops.

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